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Previously, machine-based translation of text online was based on the “meaning of the text” model. Take any language, translate words into a universal language of feelings. And then translate these meanings into words of another language — and get the translated text. This model prevailed in the 1970-1980s and was automated in the 1990s. All translations of the 1990s were based on this ideology. In the 2000s there was a search. And it became clear: to translate the text, and it is not necessary to understand the meaning.

Humanity has already translated so much. That the probability of finding two similar networks in the text in different languages ​​is quite large. How to determine that this is the same text? Very simple. They contain many identical words. If the document 1000 vocabulary words 800 is a pair, then most likely it is a translation from one language to another. And then you can already break the text into paragraphs, suggest and do something with this work. That is, machine translations are not words. But ready-made parts that a machine can do. If you think about it, this translation method is even more consistent with the way a person learns the language as a child in real life.

Online text translation

This translation of the text online works on technology Yandex translation. The quality of the interpretation of this online translator into Russian is excellent. Use this online translator. You will see that there is almost no difference between a machine translation and an ordinary translator.

Online text translator

On this page, you can use the online translator of texts. The translator translates into Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Polish. Our translator automatically determines the language of your writing. You only need to specify which language to translate. Using an online text translator is easy. Paste your text into the translation field and click convert. If you want to bring the book online into Russian. If you’re going to turn into another language, then select it and translate to health!