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Why free online translator is the best?

Translator PROMT currently, with the development of technology, when the Internet came almost in every house, as a big city and in saimh remote parts of the country anyone can appreciate the benefits of online translator. First, it is the overall availability of an interpreter for each and it's totally free to use. Secondly, the quality of translation. This is not the ridiculous translations of the first translators, leaked to the network over 20 years ago. Now the quality of the translation the translator Google or Yandex envied even an experienced translator, online translator because in a second time is able to translate any amount of text, and in fact with a perfect transmission of the content of the translation. Of course, online translators can sometimes confuse the times or the person from whom the dialogue takes place, but to correct the text and to bring it to mind for any high school student, and you do not even need to be a translator. It is worth noting not only convenience translation online translators, but also their ability to translate not only the texts but also entire websites. And display the translated page is no different from the original, except the language of the text, of course. And still the most popular translators capable of translating from several dozen languages, which unfortunately is not subject to almost any person. So use the free translating and discover new interesting websites, previously inaccessible because of the difficulties of translation.